If you're dealing with a cheating spouse, you know it's not EASY. But there is HOPE, for both your sanity and your relationship!


If Your World Has Been Shattered
By A Cheating Spouse, You Can
Restore Your Marriage After An Affair


From the Desk of :

Jeffrey D Murrah, LPC, LMFT, LCDC
Wednesday afternoon


Hello, my friends.


It's tough, isn't it? You never thought you'd be this far outside your emotional comfort zone, and you're not sure how to feel. Now you know what they mean when they say "broken-hearted."


Your emotions flood your soul, becoming a turbulent, uncontrollable river spilling out onto your family and friends, because you've discovered (or you suspect) that your spouse is cheating.


You're not alone. Most human beings would agree that when your relationship's on the rocks, there is no motivation to get out of bed in the morning, let alone think clearly enough to arrive at the solution you want.


And like most of us, you're probably used to your spouse's direction and comfort. But now, the very time you need them most, they are unavailable, so you have to cope with this infidelity crisis all alone.


That's why you feel so drained. You're lost, because you're overwhelmed by fright and confusion. What comes next? How can you end your pain for good? Will you be able to handle it? Doesn't your spouse care about you anymore? Can you ever hope to pick up the pieces and carry on…together?


You are flooded with the "why" question: Why did this have to happen to me?


If you're tired of feeling like this, I'd like to show you what you can do to change things.


This is for you if…


  • You are ready to start healing your marriage.
  • Your marriage needs more intimacy, and you are ready to work for it.
  • You are ready to move forward and rebuild a healthy relationship.
  • You have lost faith in traditional marriage counseling.
  • You are ready to work on your marriage, but prefer to do it in the privacy of your own home, free from insurance and data footprints.
  • You know that you need to work on communication in your marriage, but are not sure where to start.
  • You want long-term help for a marriage that you believe is worth saving.


You CAN overcome this turmoil.


You really can. Even though it feels like you've been stabbed in the back or punched in the gut, you can get back up again. All bad dreams have happy endings, when you wake up and carry on with your life.


But this time, it feels like your life is the nightmare, right? Between anger at your spouse and beating yourself up - wondering if it's your fault - it feels like everything sucks.


If you're:


  • Reeling from the heart and mind-wrenching fallout of an affair
  • Tired of feeling confused and hurt
  • Longing to build a better relationship and a better life with your partner
  • Unsure if you'll ever be able to trust anyone, ever again
  • Feeling emotionally bankrupt, with no way out and nowhere to turn
  • Tired of a marriage that seems stuck in a rut
  • Feeling like your spouse no longer communicates with you


You've come to the right place. Never forget your own strength! You have the power to cope with your cheating spouse, and achieve a positive outcome.


You are NOT alone.


Recent statistics tell us that 1 in 4 married men and 10% of married women have had (or are involved in) an affair. And those are just the ones that admit it.


Your situation is definitely unique, but the struggle you're going through isn't - millions of people all over the world have been affected in a similar way, and the proof is in their pudding: It's definitely possible to recover by building an even more powerful and honest relationship than you had before.



If you're dreaming of the day when you can:


  • Enjoy laughing with your spouse again
  • Go to bed without a fight
  • Start planning your future together
  • Enjoy a dinner date without fear of conflict
  • Stop wondering what went on "with them"
  • Let go of the paranoia whenever your spouse is away
  • Stop wondering if there is someone else


If you have a genuine desire to make things better, there's nothing to fear but fear itself. You and your spouse can get off this emotional roller-coaster…and start living the dream you shared at the beginning.


You CAN heal your bond.


Even if reconciliation seems impossible now.


And I'd like to help you succeed.


Jeff Murrah, LMFTMy name is Jeffrey D. Murrah. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, I've been taking personal pride and pleasure in helping others achieve happiness for over 30 years.


You might not be the only one in emotional turmoil over your spouse's infidelity - I've experienced the devastation it can wreak on entire families, firsthand.


When my own family fragmented in the wake of an affair, triggering a series of bitter fights, secrets, and inner turmoil that rippled through the extended family, community and church, I was just a teenager.


The brightness and joy of each holiday, birthday, and accomplishment quickly turned to ashes, poisoned by affair-fueled tension and discord. This quickly led to the divorce and subsequent remarriages of my parents.


It wasn't pretty. My journey took me through episodes involving children's protective services, domestic abuse, spying, legal fights, and secret keeping. And, unchecked, it didn't get better. It got worse.


Things just kept getting uglier over the years, with threats of murder and attempted suicides within the family. I wrestled with the inner and outer struggles these issues brought with them.


I've since dedicated over a quarter century (and counting) to helping couples overcome the devastating effects of extramarital affairs through my family-and-couples counseling practice, bringing personal experience and professional research together to help families just like yours navigate safely and comfortably through their crises.


I feel truly blessed to have been able to help thousands of couples achieve healing, trust, and renewed intimacy - bringing them back from the brink of divorce, even when they had flat-out told me reconciliation was absolutely hopeless.


Speaking from 30+ years of successful experience helping men and women in the exact same situation you're in now, I tell you with absolute certainty:


If you choose to stay in your relationship, the next steps you take will make ALL the difference in how quickly you heal yourself from this truly devastating situation.


In 2010 I was honored to be included in Counseling Courier's "Marriage Counselor Hall of Fame," along with well-known counselors such as John Gottman, John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Dr. Phil, and Gary Smalley. Now I want to put my expertise to work in helping you save your marriage.


Start Creating Positive Progress


Your emotions are probably all over the place. One moment, you're intensely angry, and the next you're beating yourself up - "wasn't I enough?" Before you know it, you're missing your partner, wondering if things can ever be the same again.


Don't worry - that's perfectly normal, because discovering infidelity plays on your deepest primal fears: abandonment, loss, betrayal, and inadequacy.


And that's the first step in regaining control of your emotional balance - finally realizing you're not going crazy, even if you're suffering depression or anxiety.


In fact, these emotions are actually a necessary part of your recovery and healing process - you're just being human, and that's no fault. It's natural and even healthy to experience anger and other negative emotions when someone hurts you, especially someone you love.


Here's the Question You Need to Answer


Life's handed you a raw deal, no doubt about it. No matter what else is going on, your partner made a choice: They decided to have an affair, and now you're the one left reeling and dealing with the consequences.


You probably feel like the agony is unbearable, unlike anything you've experienced before - again, you're not alone, because most people I've counseled agree.


If you want it to stop, you've got to get a handle on it. Ask yourself:


"How am I going to handle this situation
right here, right now?"


You could answer this important question in a few different ways, but,as with anything in life, some approaches are more effective (and comfortable) than others.


The easiest solution - and the least beneficial - is to bottle your feelings up inside in an effort to cope. Many people choose this route, hoping to turn back the emotional clock and "undo" what really can't be undone. Another common escape route is to actually escape - run away from the problem, literally or figuratively, and refuse to communicate with your partner.


Please, I implore you: Do NOT let your emotions fester away inside you. You'll be in perpetual pain, forever disappointed in and resentful of yourself, your life, and your partner. I have personally seen, time and time again, the vicious damage this can do to people. Trust me, you do NOT want to live like this.


Recover your shared happiness - live your life again!


It's important that you understand your emotions if you want to be able to process them and cleanse yourself of those negative feelings. Worthlessness, confusion, resentment, anger…the list goes on, and it's time to put all of these behind you.


Affair Recovery WorkshopYou're probably thinking,"That's easy to say, but how do I do it?" Of course your situation is entirely unique, but there's a proven, step-by-step progressive approach to this process. In the Affair Recovery Workshop, I will guide you through my proprietary Affair Recovery No-Drama SolutionTM progressive sequence, which will give you the strength and understanding you need to move forward.


This is a process that's helped hundreds of couples put their lives, their minds, and their relationships back together again.


When taken in the proper sequence, the series of essential steps in the Affair Recovery No-Drama Solution accelerates your emotional healing and dramatically eases your recovery process.


I'd like to help guide you through this challenging time.


5 modules; 5 critical aspects of recovery


Everything is so much easier when you understand exactly what you need to do and how to go about doing it. Nothing holds you back more than delaying decisions, so it's important that you start making progress right away, because it's only going to get harder as time goes on. Procrastination will only make things worse. Waiting for the stars to align and things to change on their own will only delay the process. And worse yet, procrastination can lead to "decision paralysis."


I understand that making change - even a good change - can be scary when it takes you out of your comfort zone. But ultimately, saving your relationship far outweighs the temporary discomfort of facing new challenges.


I'm very happy you're allowing me to help you succeed in rebuilding your loving relationship. It's not just my job - it's my passion!


Because it makes me happy to help people restore marriages and rebuild their lives.


Over the past three decades, this system has helped hundreds of couples just like you emerge triumphant and happy from their darkest hours.


You know better than anyone that there's nothing more powerful than your own emotions. Learning to cope with them - and healing your hurting heart - can be a real challenge, but the Affair Recovery Workshop will empower you to heal yourself and your relationship - if you choose to salvage it.


Whether you prefer to go through the Affair Recovery Workshop on your own or together with your partner…


This proven recovery system is the lifeline you've been praying for.


Here's a sample of what we'll cover…


D-Day & Initial Responses:


  • 5 ways to stop self-destructive thinking. It is vital to stop this thought pattern, because it can cause a downward spiral that might even contribute to suicidal or homicidal ideation.
  • 5 ways to stop destroying yourself and the people around you after finding out about the affair, so you can get the support from the people you need most during this time.
  • Discover that YOU are not losing your mind (even though your spouse might say you are).
  • How to stop driving yourself crazy with questions about the affair (and stop lying awake nights wondering about it).
  • Changing your outlook and taking control of your thoughts, rather than letting your mind torment you.


How to Fight & Communicate with Your Spouse:


  • Learn how to stop the emotional and physical abuse from ruining communication with your spouse.
  • Keep your spouse engaged when you fight, rather than slamming the door and walking away.
  • Help your spouse replace"fight mode"with"communication mode."
  • Ask questions that get answered rather than ignored.
  • Improve overall communication with your spouse using the research-based A-C-T-I-O-N steps.
  • Use ways of communicating that bypass natural defense mechanisms.
  • Talk to your spouse in ways that do not make them defensive.


How to Rebuild Intimacy


  • Learn other ways to connect besides sex.
  • Learn the Building Blocks of Intimacy to establish a firm foundation for your renewed relationship.
  • Use the S.P.R.I.G. principle to bring new life into your marriage.
  • Learn how to talk WITH each other rather than AT each other.
  • Learn how you may be unintentionally pushing your spouse away.


Relationship Dynamics


  • Learn how to meet the hidden needs in your relationship.
  • The 3 types of affairs and what you need to know about each.
  • Understand and change the unwritten "rules" of your relationship.


Minimizing the Impact of the Affair on Your Children & Extended Family


  • Learn why the affair really isn't over when it's over, and how to stop the hurt.
  • Breaking the "affair pattern."
  • Learn about"parent alienation syndrome" and how to avoid it.
  • Stop fighting with your spouse through your kids.
  • How to avoid devastating your children with news of the affair.
  • And much, much more.


Give yourself the gift of a proven step-by-step cheating recovery program that will help you understand and process your emotions…cleanse you of your feelings of worthlessness, confusion, and resentment…and help you regain a sense of personal power as quickly as possible.


I No Longer Feel Powerless


"I just want to say how comforting it is to have your handbook by my side through this intensely difficult time. Having the guidance and direction it's giving me means so much. I now understand so much more and no longer feel powerless... I am growing as a person each and every day. Your information has been extremely, extremely, helpful to me... thank you."


Beth W.


You Seem to Know Precisely What I'm Going Through...


"I am blown away… each time I take the next step in your system, you hit the nail on the head. You seem to know precisely what I'm going through and it helps confirm for me that I am not crazy or delusional. I am so happy I found you."


Caroline C.


What is this "Recovery Workshop" and
how does it work?"


The Affair Recovery Workshop is a 5-module program that you listen to online, at your convenience, in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.


The Affair Recovery Workshop is based on techniques derived from research about how the brain works. These techniques help you move past mental roadblocks and defenses, so that your communication becomes constructive rather than destructive. These techniques are designed to bring lasting change.


The Affair Recovery Workshop also uses a progressive approach called "The Recovery Process," which is designed to get you healthy and working together as a couple, rather than falling into the trap of blaming, shaming, and analyzing what motivated the affair.


The Affair Recovery Workshop focuses on changing how you and your spouse treat each other and talk about your needs. It gives you specific issues to discuss that deepen intimacy and improve genuine communication. Transformation begins when you clearly know what specific items to discuss.


Because I've experienced firsthand the devastating effects of an affair, I am completely committed to helping as many people as I can to navigate this terrain in a healthier, more productive way than they would on their own, minimizing the additional, long-term hurt and anger.


When you invest in the Affair Recovery
Workshop, you'll get:


  • 12 audio recordings in 5 modules that will lead you step-by-step through the Affair Recovery No-Drama Solution program. It's simple, private, and available to you 24 hours per day. That's over six hours of teaching!
  • Written transcripts of each module so you can follow along, take notes, quickly return to previous lessons, and list any questions you have.
  • Bonus ebook: How Can I Trust You Again? Having a troubled marriage does not have to mean that divorce is around the corner. There are things that you can do in order to improve your marriage. This book helps you sort out the tough questions, along with issues of timing and ways of winning back the heart of your spouse. This book will take you in-depth into improving trust in your marriage. I included this based on so many couples saying that this is their #1 concern.
  • Peace of mind from knowing you are working to save your marriage.
  • A chance to rebuild the intimacy you thought you had lost forever.


So how much is this going to cost?


Before we get into the investment, let me ask you this: How much is it going to cost you NOT to take this workshop? How much is it going to cost you to continue on as you are, agonizing over your situation, fighting with your partner, wishing you could figure out how to get past this?


You are investing in the most important relationship in your life, and that is priceless.


I will tell you that I routinely charge as much as $140 an hour for a marriage counseling session in my office. You can do the math. The Affair Recovery Workshop is equal to six sessions with me, guiding you through "The Recovery Process" without distractions or interruptions.


Typically, the first several marriage therapy sessions are marred by shaming, blaming, and name calling, which often interferes with constructive progress and simply rehashes fights you have already had.


Our goal is for you to start the process of repairing your marriage and moving back toward each other. In "The Recovery Process" approach, you will have a different starting place, and begin the healing more quickly.


Sometimes, the thought of couples' counseling makes people uncomfortable. There are several reasons for this:


  • One partner genuinely wants to attend, but the other's not so sure.
  • You aren't 100% sure you actually want to save your marriage.
  • The (mistaken) belief that a counselor will try to force you to stay together.
  • Private counseling can cost upwards of $200 per hour.
  • Many insurance policies do not cover marriage counseling fees completely.
  • Pride - many people are embarrassed by their emotional turmoil.
  • They are afraid their therapist is not experienced in dealing with affairs, or doesn't believe in marriage.
  • They believe one spouse will try to team up with the therapist to gang up on the other.


That's why this workshop, the Affair Recovery No-Drama Solution system, is the perfect solution: Because trying to deal with this crisis all by yourself is a recipe for disaster, and can be emotionally draining.


Lawyers cost $250.00 or more per hour, and it will take you at least four hours to discuss your situation (and that's assuming you aren't fighting!).


Marriage therapists will need at least six sessions before being able to help you make major changes in your marriage. Add to this the nature of electronic medical records, which may have embarrassing material and leave digital footprints that often find their way into databases and your permanent medical record. Plus you have the hassles of insurance approval and deductibles.


The investment in your marriage and the "Affair Recovery Workshop" is only $697. The future of your marriage is worth much more than that. You can obtain the help you need today, without any footprint in your medical record, and without anything counting against your healthcare limits.



The Affair Recovery Workshop allows you to:


  • Heal at your own pace, together or separately.
  • Decide for yourself what's best for you.
  • Participate in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Save your hard-earned money.
  • Keep your dignity intact.
  • Learn from a recognized marriage counseling expert.


You deserve all of these things, because you already have enough on your plate. Professional guidance is an important part of moving forward and away from the pain…I can't stress that enough. Sadly, many counselors do not believe in marriage as seriously as I do. When I conducted the Affair Recovery Index, I was shocked to find that 60% of counselors do not focus on the affair, even though that was the reason for the counseling!


Your marriage needs a counselor who will focus on the affair. You also need someone who believes marriage is a special committed relationship rather than something trivial.


My proprietary Affair Recovery No-Drama SolutionTM outlined in the Affair Recovery Workshop was developed from 30 years of private practice. It leads to healthy change.


That's why I'm offering you complete access to every step, every technique, and every detail of this powerful Affair Recovery No-Drama Solution system, for a one-time, risk-free investment of just $697 - and that includes your bonus book, How Can I Trust You Again?


Whether you'd like to save your marriage or move on, you need a system to help guide you through the crucial next steps of coping with your feelings, protecting your emotional well-being, and communicating with your spouse.


The Affair Recovery Workshop gives you the benefit of my 30+ years of professional experience in helping people in your shoes make sense of their powerful emotions and accelerate the healing process.


Don't do this alone. Please, let me help you navigate your troubled emotional sea and soothe the pain you're feeling now. Smooth sailing is closer than you think.


I Feel Stronger Despite the Challenges Ahead...


"…I feel stronger despite the challenges that lay ahead. I take enormous solace in your coaching and insights and have greatly appreciated your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


Timothy M.


Start feeling good again


My friends, the rest of your life starts now. The next steps you take will determine how you live it. The cheater may have made choices that put your marriage at risk, but you are now faced with the task of undoing the damage.


You can start connecting with each other once again.


Your spouse was special to you at one time, and they can be special to you again. You can enjoy time with each other, rather than second-guessing everything that is said.


You have the opportunity to end the tensions and fighting. You don't have to dread coming home anymore.


Your marriage can rebuild to the point where you can plan a future together.


Your bedroom can be a special place once again, without the ghosts of past lovers haunting you.


Imagine hearing the phone ring and not having to wonder if an unwanted lover is on the other end.


Wouldn't it be nice to not have those unwanted fears clouding your mind when your spouse is out of sight?


We all handle things a little bit differently, but if you'd like to get a head start on feeling great, and leave this horrible pain behind you forever, I'd really like to help you get there.


The Affair Recovery Workshop, with the Affair Recovery No-Drama Solution approach for affair recovery, is the best way to do this - thousands of couples enjoying their lives together can't all be wrong!


I look forward to hearing from you.



Yes, Jeff! I want things to be better between my spouse and me!


Please sign me up for The Affair Recovery Workshop right away. I'm ready to…


  • Stop torturing myself with the "what if" questions
  • Enjoy my spouse's company again
  • End the fighting by knowing what to say and what not to say
  • Using science-based approaches to bypass defense mechanisms
  • Stop making excuses/taking blame for my spouse's choice
  • Learn how to stop the fantasies behind the cheating
  • Learn the art of forgiveness and how/when - or IF - it's appropriate
  • Know that I am working to save my marriage
  • Break family cycles and patterns of cheating that are weakening my marriage


The one-time investment of just $697
can help bring bring out the GREATNESS
in my marriage.





Rest easy - your order will be processed on secure servers.




Bring out the GREATNESS in your marriage after the affair!
Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC, LMFT, LCDC


PS • Remember, you've got my unconditional, 30-day guarantee: This system will help you put the pieces back together again. Over 30 years of professional counseling experience - and thousands of success stories - have gone into the development of this system. If you decide it's not for you, or if you don't feel I've delivered on everything I've promised you, you'll get a complete refund, no strings attached.


PPS • Order today to receive your bonus ebook, absolutely free: How Can I Trust You Again? Click here for instant, risk-free access, and claim your bonus ebook!


PPPS • I know that privacy is very important for you, because it's equally important for me. You deserve complete protection and safety, so I made sure to use the highest-level encryption for my secure order form. Therapist-patient confidentiality applies.


Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?


My spouse has already filed for divorce. How can I save my marriage?

While I can't promise your spouse will come back home, I will teach you how to slow down the process. This "cooling off" period can provide much-needed support for rebuilding your relationship. And remember that even if your spouse does follow through with the divorce, the relationship will never be over. You will learn ways to manage the on-going relationship with your spouse so you don't stay bogged down in the pain and anger.


This is the last straw. I just want the SOB to leave. How can your course help me?

I completely understand your anger and frustration, and how you just want to get rid of the source of your pain. I will teach you steps to deal with your hurt and anger so that you don't "lash out" at those undeserving of your frustration. By understanding and focusing on exactly what the issue is, you will learn how to avoid a "repeat performance" in future relationships.


What if my spouse refuses to attend your course? Can I work on our marriage alone?

Absolutely. You will learn specific ways to ask questions, and what to talk about (and what not to talk about) to change your marriage relationship even when your spouse does not participate. Just as a balance requires equal weights on each side, your marriage receives input from both parties. Your spouse behaves one way, you behave another, and your marriage "balances." When you change your actions and reactions, your spouse will have to change theirs in order to reestablish this balance. If you're ready to tackle the affair head-on, start understanding the recovery process, and regain a sense of personal power, then make your decision today to invest in The Affair Recovery Workshop.






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